We organise various programmes for young adults with (chronic) fatigue, burnout, chronic Lyme Disease or ME/cfs. In all cases the common denominator is living with low energy levels.

We touch upon various (life) themes to broaden your awareness of energy. At the same time we focus on what is needed at this moment and what can be done on a practical level. We are building a community, as it is essential to feel connection with others. The community functions as a positive support system and is a source of ideas, motivation, like-mindedness and strength.

Our programmes offer knowledge and tools but are not intended as a therapy. Instead, we want to create a breathing space, where simply being present is enough. We organise various activities fine-tuned to different energy levels. So feel free to contact us to find out what would best suit you.


Broadening your knowledge and awareness.



Integrating exercises and practical tools related to your body, diet, and relaxation.


Being part of a community aimed at inspiring and motivating each other.

At your own pace

Taking steps in going at your own pace.

Skype Series

Skype series for young adults with chronic fatigue. In a small group of 4 or 5 people you take part in 5 online sessions for 5 consecutive weeks. The sessions are always structured around a different theme.

Start: As soon as a new group fills up

Practical info: The online sessions last about 1 hour and take place in the early evening (day of the week to be decided in accordance with the group).

Contact us for more information or to sign up.

Individual Brainstorm Sessions

During individual sessions with the both of us, you can exchange thoughts or receive new input about your energy and together we can explore in what way you can lead a life that is more at your own pace. We are there to provide support and understanding with an open mindedness that broadens your field of vision.

Practical info: The sessions are online through Skype with the two of us. The conversations can be 30 min or 1 hour.

Contact us for more information or to sign up.  

Holiday retreat in Portugal

When your energy levels are low, even a holiday can be too exhausting and make you go over your boundaries. We organise a week at a lovely Quinta (farm) in the South of Portugal (the Algarve) to allow you to relax and let go. You’ll be right in the middle of nature with hammocks, animals, beautiful sunsets, a swimming pool, food forest, pizza oven… the ideal space and surroundings to regain a general excitement for life and to connect with like-minded people (a small group).

Over the course of a week we invite you to join us in living with the natural rhythm of the day. You will spend a lot of time outside, do some small activities on the farm, eat pure and healthy food (when possible self-grown!), do meditation and breathing exercises and take part in various talks about energy related topics. See it as an experiment to go at your own pace!

Date: May 2018

Practical info: The farmhouse is situated in a beautiful environment 2km from the beach. There will be delicious vegetarian meals. Each day we have a light programme, with coaching, relaxation exercises and learning about plants & herbs. Of course there will also be plenty of time to rest in between. Together with you we can determine if your energy levels are sufficient to take part in this week.

Contact us for more information or to sign up.