Our vision

When more people follow their own path, at their own pace, there will be less of a polarity between ‘wellness’ and ‘illness’.

Although we prefer not to label our health, sometimes it is necessary. There is a lot of discussion around chronic fatigue. Thankfully there is a growing field of research that is starting to explain the (many) symptoms. We definitely believe there is a biomedical component to the illness. The functionality of the hormone system, immune system and nervous system has become impaired, with all of its self-evident consequences. Almost nobody can undergo this physical imbalance without there being psychological effects. Therefore we believe in a holistic approach.


The aim of At Your Own Pace is creating a feeling of support and connection and a growing sense of self-reliance for those with chronic fatigue. Awareness, information, knowledge and experience can help us to understand what is going on. Feeling supported and understood by others may make it easier to do what is necessary for yourself to heal.

If we zoom out from the individual to the collective level, self-reliance and living at your own pace is important because many people with chronic fatigue and other chronic illnesses end up on the sidelines. Society is harsh in this way; you are either part of society or you aren’t, it’s all or nothing. While there could be less of a polarity between illness and health if everyone is given the space to do what they can, at their own pace. This way all of us can be of meaning in society. If there are more and more examples of people who – often because there isn’t any other way – walk their own path, this will become the norm.