Our vision

Fatigue, energy issues and burn-out are often underestimated and not taken seriously. It can be all encompassing and has an effect on every aspect in your life. We need energy to be a friend, parent, parter, employee, entrepreneur. Whether you are dealing with a temporary dip in energy or more long term fatigue, experiencing a lack of energy is simply not easy. As humans we have a natural desire to create, connect and achieve things in this world which also makes us feel good about ourselves and our lives. Having to constantly hold back puts a break on our natural flow of life. And at the same time it can be a blessing in disguise because you get to know who you are underneath all of this doing and creating.

Being fatigued brings up questions and uncertainties. Awareness, information, knowledge and experience can help you to understand what is going on. Because there is a lot to understand about your fatigue. Understanding creates compassion, which makes it easier to do what’s necessary for yourself to heal. When you are dealing with energy issues it becomes more urgent, essential even, to figure out what your own pace is. At this moment in time. Because your own pace is an ever flexible changing thing. Being able to listen to and work with your own pace requires you to have a certain amount of self esteem, self respect, honestly and ability to set boundaries.

At Your Own Pace helps you to connect with your inner resources to take charge of your own life. Even though the body might be out of balance, in many cases there is energy to gain when you start to understand what’s happening within your system (on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual level), value and respect your own needs and take appropriate action. We love to support you in this process.